ESRI International User Conference June 18-22, 2007


Technology Keynotes

K1 Dynamic Modeling with ArcGIS

David Maguire

K2 Modeling Geographic Information

Scott Morehouse

K3 High Anxiety: The Evolution and Future Role of GIS in Digital Mapping

Clint Brown


Analysis and Geoprocessing

599 ArcGIS Spatial Analyst - Suitability Modeling

Kevin Johnston, Jill Willison

722 Creating and Using ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Services

Nathan Warmerdam, Jason Pardy

614 Linear Referencing - An Introduction

Heather McCracken, Aisha Jenkins

577 Python Scripting - An Introduction

David Wynne, Jeffrey Bigos

592 ArcGIS Spatial Analyst - Customizing and Expanding Capabilities

Nawajish Noman, Steve Lynch, Ryan De Bruyn

641 Geocoding - Advanced Techniques

Agatha Wong, Sergey Ivanenko

654 ModelBuilder - Advanced Techniques

Scott Murray

757 Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS - An Introduction

Julie Teal

582 Working with 3D Analyst Geoprocessing Tools

Clayton Crawford, Jinwu Ma

732 3D Analyst - Introduction to the Terrain Dataset

Clayton Crawford, Lindsay MacDonald

601 ArcGIS Spatial Analyst - Statistical Modeling

Kevin Johnston, Ryan De Bruyn

904 Building Custom Geoprocessing Tools with .NET

Jason Pardy, Bill Moreland

655 Python Scripting - Advanced Techniques

Corey Tucker, Nathan Warmerdam

597 3D Analyst - An Introduction

Hardeep Bajwa, Deepinder Deol

593 ArcGIS Spatial Analyst - An Introduction

Steve Kopp, Jill Willison

642 Geocoding - An Introduction

Agatha Wong, Oli Helm

756 Image Analysis for ArcGIS - An Introduction

Julie Teal

653 ModelBuilder - An Introduction

Beth Tulanowski, Dale Honeycutt

901 Case Studies - Problem Solving Methods

Corey Tucker, Dale Honeycutt

602 Data Interoperability - An Introduction

Kimberly Avery

600 Geostatistical Analyst - An Introduction

Steve Lynch, Konstantin Krivoruchko

581 Network Analyst - Data Preparation

Alan Hatakeyama, Colin Childs

580 Using Spatial Statistics

Lauren Scott, Mark Janikas

920 IDRISI Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS: An Introduction

Kevin Johnston, Ron Eastman, James Toledano

1006 Spatial Statistics - Applications in Public Health and Safety

Lauren Scott

594 ArcGIS Spatial Analyst - Hydrologic Modeling

Steve Kopp, Nawajish Noman

603 Geostatistical Analyst - An Introduction to Geostatistical Theory

Konstantin Krivoruchko

900 ModelBuilder - An Introduction to Dynamic Simulation Modeling

Kevin Johnston

590 Network Analyst - An Introduction

Matt Crowder, Jay Sandhu

620 Query and Analysis with ArcMap - Tips and Tricks

Kristine Magnuson, Jeffrey Bigos

608 Network Analyst - Building Custom Routing Applications

Matt Crowder, Michael Rice

906 Working with Temporal Data in ArcGIS

Steve Kopp, Tom Brown

721 Using Geoprocessing Tools in .NET and Java with ArcGIS Engine

Jason Pardy, Nobbir Ahmed



923 Best Practices for Creating and Using ArcGIS Online Services

Deane Kensok, Jeremy Bartley, Jim Mason

922 Understanding and Using ArcGIS Online

Deane Kensok, Bernie Szukalski


ArcWeb Services

639 How to Develop Rich, Web 2.0 Style Flash Mapping

Applications Using ArcWeb Services

Mansour Raad, Jay Alder

651 Migrating Your ArcWeb Applications Using the Latest APIs

Bjorn Svensson, Jeffrey Robidoux, Jun Liu

650 Using the ArcWeb SOAP & REST APIs

Bjorn Svensson, Marwa Mabrouk

640 An Introduction to ArcWeb Services

James Killick, Andy Gup

573 Developing Wireless, Tracking, and Mobile Workforce Applications

Marwa Mabrouk, Mansour Raad



710 Building Solutions with ArcGIS Engine and .NET

Hisham Abdel-Massih, Mike Rudden, Anne Frankland

712 Extending ArcGIS Desktop with .NET

Jack Horton, Kevin Deege

675 Advanced ArcGIS Engine Development with .NET

Hisham Abdel-Massih, Mike Rudden, Anne Frankland

899 Getting Started With ArcObjects

Rob Burke, Undral Batsukh

714 Advanced ArcGIS Engine Development with Java

Rohit Singh, Divesh Goyal, Ranjit Iyer

709 Building Custom ArcReader Applications

Dara Hughes, Robert Dunfey

755 Building Solutions with ArcGIS Engine and Java

Divesh Goyal, Ranjit Iyer

902 Developer’s Guide to the ArcObjects Mapping and Visualization APIs

Kent Marten, Jeremy Wright, Michael Grossman, Craig Williams

903 Developer’s Guide to the ArcObjects 3D Visualization APIs

Tamrat Belayneh, Nathan Shephard


Enterprise Systems

570 Planning - A Project Management Perspective

Maroun Mounzer, Charlie Wells

676 Strategy - Developing an Effective GIS Technology Strategy

Scot McQueen

587 Planning - Geodatabase Solutions

John Meza, John Alsup Jr

759 Strategy - ESRI’s Enterprise Strategy

David Busser, Larry Boden

572 Design - Using Citrix

Ty Fabling, Jeff DeWeese, Brian Price

677 Integration - Options and Considerations

Johan Herrlin, Carsten Piepel

569 Design - System Configuration and Infrastructure Planning

Dave Peters, Tom Pattison

678 Design - Architecture Deployment Options

Sandy Milliken Jr, Ty Fabling

700 Case Studies: Implementing a Multi-participant GIS Using a

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Solution

Peter Bottenberg, Ed Carubis

760 Case Studies - Implementation Experiences

Ginger Chugg, Mike Pratka, Jeremy Hood, Matt Bottenberg, Marcelo Marques

681 Design - Secure Solutions

Rand Woolley Jr, Michael Young



733 Basic Principles of Cartographic Design

Makram Murad-Al-Shaikh, Jonathan Brooks

728 OGC Web Services Support in ESRI Products

Keith Ryden, Satish Sankaran, Dan Zimble

591 ArcGIS Publisher and ArcReader - An Introduction

Mark Bockenhauer, Matt Ungerer

610 Editing in ArcMap - An Introduction

Colin Childs, Steven Rozic

630 Creating Reports Using Crystal Reports XI - An Introduction

Mark Stewart, Jorge Ruiz-Valdepena, Cam Davie

666 Using Map Projections and Coordinate Systems

Melita Kennedy, Shawn Simpson

776 Learning Essential GIS Workflows

Jennifer Hughey, Kerri Manorek

731 Managing ArcGIS with ArcCatalog

Ryan Otto, Chris Bentley

576 Managing Metadata with ArcGIS

Ben Schmitz, Aisha Jenkins

613 Working with Tables, Graphs, and Reports

Kent Marten, Matthew Baker

619 Working with ArcMap - Tips and Tricks

Danielle Hopkins, Bronwyn Agrios


Geodata base

693 Administration for SQL Server – An Introduction

Derek Law, Nader Al-Alem

656 Advanced CAD Data Use

Don Kuehne, Karen Hodge

615 Arc Hydro Data Model

Dean Djokic, David Maidment

606 Data Integration and Topology

J D Overton, Arthur Robinson Jr

575 Data Model Design Methods

Steve Grise

660 What’s New in 9.2 Geodatabase and ArcSDE

Craig Gillgrass, Tom Brown, Gary MacDougall

687 Administration for Oracle - Advanced

Tom Brown, Robert Rader II

696 Managing Raster Data in a Geodatabase

Dan Meeks, Mark Harris, Qian Liu

609 Using CAD Data in ArcGIS

Phil Sanchez, Jeff Reinhart

665 What is ArcGIS and the Geodatabase?

Clint Brown

694 Administration for SQL Server – Advanced

Shannon Shields, Olena Smith

605 Editing with ArcGIS - Tips and Tricks

Colin Childs, Wayne Hewitt

673 Groundwater Data Model

Steve Grise, Gil Strassberg

743 Managing Distributed Data with Geodatabase Replication

Gary MacDougall, Heather McCracken

690 Topology in the Geodatabase

Erik Hoel, Doug Morgenthaler

638 Weather and Climate Data Model

Steve Kopp, Olga Wilhelmi, Jennifer Boehnert, Ben Domenico, Keith Stellman, Ira Graffman

692 Administration for Oracle – An Introduction

Kasia Tuszynska, James Gough

685 Geodatabase – An Introduction

Brent Pierce, Colin Zwicker

698 Geometric Networks in the Geodatabase

Craig Gillgrass, Erik Hoel

718 Working with Raster Data in ArcGIS

Simon Woo, Hong Xu, Melanie Harlow

634 Local Government GIS Template

Steve Grise

688 Enterprise Geodatabase Tuning - Tips and Tricks

Gudmundur Hafberg, Shannon Shields

611 Parcel Editing and Management in ArcGIS

Larry Young, J D Overton

689 Programming with the Geodatabase API

Brent Pierce, Colin Zwicker

748 Understanding Geodatabase Editing Workflows – Advanced

Tom Brown, Robert Rader II

636 Parcel Data Model

Tim Hodson

704 Integrating the Geodatabase with Enterprise Databases

Gudmundur Hafberg, Jim McAbee III

750 Survey Analyst - An Introduction to the Cadastral Editor

Tim Hodson, Christine Leslie, Christopher Buscaglia, Kevin M Kelly

686 Understanding Geodatabase Editing Workflows - An Introduction

Derek Law, Kasia Tuszynska

919 Using SQL with the Geodatabase

Tom Brown, Thomas Dunn, Juliette Gutierrez

588 Address Data Model

Agatha Wong, Sergey Ivanenko

607 Programming with the ArcMap Editor API

Doug Morgenthaler, Lisa Crowe

635 Transportation Data Model

Terrence Bills


Mobile GIS

672 ArcPad 7 Customization

Craig Greenwald, Elvin Slavik

744 ArcPad 7.1 - An Introduction

Jian Lange, Elvin Slavik

745 ArcPad 7 - Advanced Customization

Craig Greenwald, Elvin Slavik

774 ESRI Mobile GIS Solutions Overview

Mel Philbrook, Jian Lange, Jeff Shaner, Jeff Rogers

930 GeoCollector - Field-to-Office Workflows and Analysis

Marika Vertzonis, Mel Philbrook, Edan Cain

747 Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server Mobile SDK

Jianye Chen, Glenn Meister

929 GeoCollector - Field Data Collection Techniques

Sean Jones, Mel Philbrook, Marika Vertzonis, Edan Cain

769 GPS Concepts and Best Practices

Mel Philbrook, Craig Greenwald, Mike Shaw


Server GIS

645 Developing Web Applications with Java

David Cardella, Keyur Shah

724 Creating and Using GIS Services

Sud Menon, Julio Andrade

768 Securing Your ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework Site

Bryan Baker, Kevin Doshier

682 Deploying and Using ArcGIS Explorer

Bernie Szukalski, Mark Bockenhauer

765 Securing Your ArcGIS Server for the Java Platform Site

Jay Theodore, Jose Thomas

644 Developing Web Applications with .NET

Rex Hansen, Art Haddad

708 Getting Started with ArcGIS Server

Bryan Baker, Sterling Quinn

717 Developing Java Applications with the Enterprise ADF

Ajit Dharmik, David Cordes, Divesh Goyal

741 Programming Custom Tasks for ArcGIS Explorer

Dara Hughes, Rob Dunfey

646 Optimizing Your ArcIMS Maps

Sathya Prasad, Canserina Kurnia

715 Using ArcGIS Image Server

Peter Becker, Feroz Abdul-Kadar

799 Case Studies of Building and Deploying Enterprise ArcGIS Server Solutions

Wittaker Mathot, Carsten Piepel

716 Designing, Deploying, and Using Cached Map Services

Jeremy Bartley, Sterling Quinn


Solution Products

835 Solutions for Defense - Military Overlay Editor and Military Analyst (Advanced)

Candace Paulman, Andy Bouffard

968 Using Demographic Databases with ArcGIS Business Analyst

Lynn Wombold, Alan Jackson, Edmond Ting

628 Business Analyst - What’s New in ArcGIS ArcGIS Business Analyst

Garry Burgess

834 Solutions for Defense - Military Overlay Editor and Military Analyst

Jesvin Valencia, Mark Romero

833 Business Analyst Constituent Profiling - ArcGIS Case Studies

Kathy Gambee, Lucy Guerra, Sandra Silva

837 Implementing the GIS Portal Toolkit

Marten Hogeweg, Clive Reece

629 Business Analyst - An Introduction

Kyle Watson

667 Using the Military Analyst

Lorraine Funkhouser, Derek Foll

627 PLTS - Quality Control and the GIS Data ReViewer

Thomas Breed, Michelle Johnson

657 JTX - Job Tracking Solutions for ArcGIS Desktop and Server - An Introduction

Malcolm Lobley, Kelly Goldin

625 PLTS - Cartography with the Map Production System - Atlas

Peter Yurkosky, Greg Tieman

652 PLTS - An Introduction

Nathan Noble, Amber Bethell

649 Publishing Real-Time Data with the Tracking Server

Michal Orlikowski, Scott Clark


Systems Management

679 Testing - Performance and Scalability

Andrew Sakowicz, John Meza

836 Installing and Configuring ArcGIS Server

Mike Hogan, Mike Hatfield

626 ArcGIS Server Administration, Configuration, Tuning, and Optimization

Jeff DeWeese, David Wrazien, James Livingston

670 Installing and Administering ArcGIS Software - An Introduction

Natalie Hansen, Chris Whitmore

669 ArcGIS Licensing and Copy Protection - An Introduction

Badri Lakkur

574 Installing and Configuring ArcIMS

Mike Hogan, Marko Cucnik

742 ArcSDE Configuration and Upgrade Strategies

Eugene Yang, Forrest Jones

612 Supporting Your Enterprise GIS - Planning Considerations for Training, Support Services, and

Enterprise Support

Mark Stewart, Walt Rennick, Jacob Baca, Andrew Sakowicz

751 Advanced Deployment Topics for ArcGIS Products

(ArcGIS Desktop, Engine Runtime, and ArcGIS Server)

Natalie Hansen, Chris Whitmore


Visualization and Cartography

624 Advanced Annotation Tips and Tricks

Craig Williams, Rhonda Glennon

734 Authoring and Publishing Map Services

Tim Daly, Michael Owens

740 Animation in ArcGIS 9.2

Jill Willison, Hardeep Bajwa

622 Labeling, Annotation, Editing, and Text Placement

Natalie Vines, Peter Kasianchuk

604 Maplex for ArcGIS - An Introduction

Craig Williams, Natalie Vines

623 Printing, Exporting, and ArcPress

Michael Grossman, Jeremy Wright

598 3D Analyst - Visualization with ArcGlobe

Tamrat Belayneh, Milad Ershaghi

735 Map Compilation and Page Layout - Tips and Tricks

Jonathan Fleming, Jonathan Brooks

737 Mapping the Results of Your Geographic Analysis - Tips and Tricks

Aileen Buckley, Charlie Frye

752 Visualization Using the Tracking Analyst

Scott Clark

905 Getting to Know Symbols and Styles in ArcGIS

Jaynya Richards, David Barnes, Aileen Buckley

739 Advanced Cartography in ArcGIS

Edie Punt, Robert Jensen

738 Lessons Learned in Cartographic Data Modeling

Aileen Buckley, Charlie Frye